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Real games, real fitness; Serious exergaming fun!

GZ PC-Sport™ - Keep Fit at Work GZ PC-Sport Electronic Exercise Motivator

Exercise at your home or office desk while browsing the internet, playing games or shopping online with the GZ PC-Sport and Power Stepper.
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GZ Mini Pod™ - School Clubs Gamercize Mini Pod

The best way to engage all children in extra
physical activity that they love. Build
fitness and balance for future sports stars.
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Gamercize Gym Pod™ - New Gamercize Gym Pod

Choose the game to attract new members of all different types and interests while increasing the social appeal of your gym.
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GZ Pro-Sport™ - X360 & PS3 GZ Pro-Sport

The future of enjoyable and sustainable exercise at home is the Gamercize GZ Pro-Sport, for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
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GZ Kids-Sport™ - Smart Exercise GZ Kids-Sport Electronic Exercise Motivator

Exercise for kids the smart way. Use the fun of playing video games to be more active.
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