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Active Southampton News:
In partnership with Southampton FC and Southampton City Council, Gamercize installs Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Gamercize Gym Pods into St Mary's and Chamberlayne Leisure Centres. As seen on BBC TV News and featured here in a video from the Daily Echo.
Southampton Football Club
Full size gaming and exercise station

This unit can be installed in gyms, leisure clubs and fixed base areas where children and adults can exercise in safety with minimal supervision.

The Gamercize Pod can be configured with a combination of different exercise equipment. Mini cycles and mini steppers are shown here. Full size exercise equipment can also be used, simply by removing the seat.

Gamercize Gym Pods for Southampton Football Club

Options for customisation continue with the choice of either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 compatible GZ Pro-Sport and games console. HD widescreen LCD TVs are standard.

As each unit is made to order colours and graphics can be changed to reflect corporate identity or customised to your specification.

How to order

The Pod costs from £8,250 plus delivery for the configurations shown. We can also provide information and help in preparing your grant applications for qualifying organisations. Please contact us for a quote and to discuss your individual requirements.

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