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Gamercize® PC-Sport™ for PC and Laptops

Deskercise is an easy, time saving route to fitness!                     
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As seen live on BBC TVs Sunday Life, demonstrated by health expert Jim McKenna.
"Our data is quite conclusive... A day when I exercise verus a day when I don't, on average, I'll say that I am 17% more effective in my work." Jim McKenna, Professor of Physical Activity and Health, Leeds Metropolitan University.

The PC-Sport is aligned with NEAT principles of activity, as reported by USA TODAY.
"We're talking more than 50 pounds of weight loss a year, if I were to keep my diet the same." Dr James Levine, Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic.

The low profile GZ Power Stepper fits neatly under a desk, connecting your USB plug and play keyboard or mouse with the GZ PC-Sport for a workout while sitting down.

Toning workout at the office desk
Toning workout at the office desk.
If you slow down or stop, the keyboard or mouse will not function until you restart exercising. To take a break, set the GZ PC-Sport to the lowest level and you can use your keyboard and mouse without exercising.

Improve fitness and afternoon energy levels by exercising during your lunch hour, right at your own desk. The GZ PC-Sport shows how well you are doing, and which of the 5 levels you have reached.

Adjustable height steps allow you to exercise comfortably with standard desk heights, while you chat online, surf the internet or play games. Equivalent to a brisk walking pace, the GZ Power Stepper can burn up to 400 calories per hour as well as giving a toning workout.

Gamercize helps you reach your health and fitness goals.

If you find exercise boring or time consuming, Gamercize motivates you to be more active. Take your mind off the effort of exercising when you choose an activity you enjoy, such as catching up with emails from friends, writing your blogs or shopping online.

3 Months free subscription to the optional GZ Personal Trainer software is included for you to keep track of workouts and progress. Set your goals and our real personal trainers will help you reach them.

Choose the full plug and play package or just the GZ PC-Sport on its own, and use your existing exercise stepper. Existing equipment must be equipped with the standard 3.5mm jack connector between stepper and exercise monitor.

To check if your computer and software is compatible, unplug then reconnect your USB plug and play mouse or keyboard to your computer and check for normal operation.

Fitness workout in the comfort of your home
Fitness workout in the comfort of your home.
When used as part of a healthy lifestyle the Gamercize PC-Sport will get you slimmer and toned with ease. Order online today

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